20 May 2009

Coming this September...something PINK

G is for Giggling, Googoo, etc

I is for Itty bitty Infant

R is for Really excited

L is for Little Lass

12 May 2009

Shelby here!

Well hi! This is Shelby. I am currently finding ways to avoid studying for my anatomy midterm...For some reason I can't post on this blog so I decided to use my mom's name. You guys are probably all dying to know what's been going on with my life! I am doing spring semester at BYU. I absolutely love anatomy and pretty much live in the anatomy lab with the cadavers...SO COOL! If I didn't want to be a mom I'd probably want to go to med school. Just thought I'd put some pictures up so you guys can see what I've been up to!
Here's me and some cousins on conference weekend when Austin came up to visit. Skipped class to play Risk...I dominated...until Austin undermined all. It'll be nice to have him back to kill us in games at reunions again.

This is me and a bunch of my good friends wearing XXL BYU Faculty t-shirts. Probably taken in the early hours of the morning...we had so much fun together our last nights in Heritage!

And this is Curtis and I. If you don't know who Curtis is by now...well, you should. Haha.

Well, I love you all! Time to study!


03 May 2009

Dallas' Concert

Just returned from another phenominol experience! It was the UCA Colage concert at the Cathedral of the Madeliene. Hooray for the UCA!!!!!!! It was just fantastic! Dallas we are so proud of you and the wonderful talent that you have. We are thrilled to have you a part of such an extraordinary and gifted group! The music was so difficult, I can't imagine how anyone could possibly learn it. Foreign languages and all. We were transported to a higher realm as we sat there feasting on this wonderful music. Thank you for all the hard work that you personally accomplished. Few know just how much effort it really takes to perform this quality of music with the expertise that the UCA perform. Another great thing is that we get a chance to hear it again tomorrow night. Congratulations and kudos to you, dear son! xoxoxo Mom