31 December 2008

Holiday Fun

Happy Holidays, I can hardly believe they are about over. We have had a great time and have loved having Shelby home. She scared me yesturday when she passed out...She is fine, she just got light headed. But I thought I would share some of our holiday pics with the family. Savannah was wishing someone would post on the blog...So here goes. I hope you all had a great holiday! Love you and miss you!

12 December 2008

Jolly Holiday

If you haven't met him yet, you will. If you have met him, please be reacquainted. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! This is Dal Pal, signing in from the Deutchland, a la Allens. My holiday cards have been photographs the last few years, but seeing how I've been hampered with little-to-no stamp/post office abilities, I'm sending digital this year. The red bird is a symbol of prosperity, which I hope keeps you this coming year. I love all of you and will be anxious to squeeze on each and every one of your necks, next time I see you. Feathers and pecks (Red Fred's way of saying 'hugs and kisses')!


01 December 2008

on my christmas list

how long has it been since i posted poetry??? since ever, really. so i decided to write a poem

on my christmas list
is a brand new doll
to replace an old and forgotten one
a shiny bracelet
to match with my shiny necklace
a little toy angel
to put on top of next year's christmas tree
and last, but not least
the gift of peace.
world peace.

how do you like it??? i made it up, once again, 'on the spot', and i felt like getting out some poetry. so...hmmm...