01 December 2008

on my christmas list

how long has it been since i posted poetry??? since ever, really. so i decided to write a poem

on my christmas list
is a brand new doll
to replace an old and forgotten one
a shiny bracelet
to match with my shiny necklace
a little toy angel
to put on top of next year's christmas tree
and last, but not least
the gift of peace.
world peace.

how do you like it??? i made it up, once again, 'on the spot', and i felt like getting out some poetry. so...hmmm...


Mama said...

How did I like it? I loved it! I love your writing, Annabelle! Keep it up girlie. xoxoxo G.G.

Dallas Graham said...

Keep it... recorded... bound... in some sort of book! Keep writing! Wahooo! Dxo