12 April 2007

Dream Job

Ever ask yourself: "If I could do anything, what would it be?" For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to work in a "Cheers" atmosphere, you know? Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name... and they're always glad you came.

*Cheers Theme Song*

Because of the nature of Montage Creative, I find myself working with myself... a lot. Everyday I stroll over to Carlucci's to read the paper or bite into a Giselle. But really, I go there to chat to the Dessert Queens. Then I walk over to Caputo's Market and shoot it with the Deli Boys. There's something to those places in a community where everything is easy and enjoyable. Usually, the circles gravitates towards food.

A couple wks back I stopped by Caputo's and visited my favorite Deli Gals, Sue and Jan. I have been threatening for months that I'd love to do some work there — I really want to wear the green apron! — but b/c my photography schedule can be haphazard, I'm not an ideal candidate for a full "part-time" job.

Sue says, "Dallas, why don't you just come in from 11a-2p?"
D: "Are you serious?"
S: "Of course I'm serious."
D: "3 days a week?"
S: "Yes."

Then I talked to Tony, the man of this block. He said, "Dallas, as long as you can fit in an apron, you can work here. If you're going to be gone, just let us know and we'll work around it."

So, starting this past Monday, I officially work for Caputo's. I'm not sure if "working" is the correct description of that 3 hour window in my day. I'm there on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. 9 hours total. I see a lot of people I know, I'm meeting new people, and getting my choice of the Soprano or Caputo sandwich (or any other Italian sub for that matter) at the end of the shift is, well... a dream job, in green-aproned glory.


Mama said...

Thanks for the detail on your new little time for fun. We want to come to lunch one of the days you will be there. It is a great way to have a little social chatting mid day. It is good for the soul! Go, Dallas, go. I am sure you don't take orders for french fries and an orange drink.. . . .it is much to "up town" for that! As for anyone else who reads my comment, I must tell you that Tony Caputo's is a very well known place and has a great many people to love that Deli. You realy ought to try it sometime! xoxoxo Mama

Oldest Girl said...

A perfect job for you! Working with people. I wish I could come get lunch with you! Soon!