06 April 2008

Elder Landon Graham Mission Pix

Dear Family

We are listening to conference at the moment, basking in the Spirit. We are going through the multitude of emotions that come from having a son on a mission. We are feeling the prayers for the missionaries, thinking of the implications of all that is spoken about the great and Marvelous Work.

Here is a picture of March 12, when we said goodbye for a while to our son and brother, Landon Bradley Graham. Thanks to his amazing Grandmother Beverly, who came bearing gifts.

This is a picture of Elder Graham and his wonderful companion Elder Stuart, from Bountiful. They get along wonderfully. Landon is the DL and loves his missionary buddies. The Temple is the highlight of his week. We are thankful for this, since it is where the Father has the opportunity to teach him each week.

Another picture of a walk to the Temple. He looks good, doesn't he?

We will share more later from some of his letters. Suffice it to say that we don't recognize who it is that is sending letters home. An wonderful, spiritual imposter, who has taken over our son. We like him even more than the old Landon.

We love you.

Brad and Carolyn


Oldest Girl said...

We all just looked at the pictures and loved to see Abby and her hair! So Cute! Landon looks great! Shelby said that people will for sure think that he is a good looking missionary! I love the picture in front of the temple! We love you!

The Clawsons

Jen said...

oh my!! you are all so goodlooking!! i, like amy....WOW AB! great hair! carolyn...you too! love that color on you!

i'm so happy for him. i love him and am so happy that he is such a wonderful young man...it makes me take better care of the elders in my ward...hoping others will take care of my boys!!


bubblyone said...

wow you guys--i just sit and looked at it and dang i can't believe Landon is actually old enough to go--i so remember him and his "dad, i didn't even get to play" days! We are so proud of you guys--and dang love you and miss you so much!

We'd love his address to write to him!


RockStar said...

Brad and Carolyn,

Well, it looks like he is off to a great start. Proud to see him become the man he is, and know he will serve the Lord well over the next couple of years. I remember the days of the MTC.....eating, teaching, passing gas-no one could help it, its the food- and overall having a great experience to prepare you for being on your own. We sure love Landon and are very proud of him representing our Graham family in the mission field. Please let him know of our love, and that our children pray for him at night during family prayer