03 February 2008

Gabe's baptism

Gabe was baptized Jan. 12th. Dane performed the baptism and Stan the confirmation. Thank you mom and dad and Jessie and Joni and Dallas and Doug and Jodi's kids for attending. We surely missed the rest of you but understand we cannot fit it all in.

Congrats to Abby for her wonderful accomplishments!! Congrats to Caroline on her baptism! A big get well soon and hope you're feeling better to our dear sister Jodi. Dallas, where the heck are you? Also, to all, please sign your blogs with your names because I don't know your nicknames! Love to all! Gina


Dallas Graham said...

Love seeing these pics! Great time. I'm in Malaysia, Gina. Back this wk. Dxo

Mama said...

Thanks for blogging Gabe's baptism. I loved the photos and the memories of a wonderful day. I am so proud of Gabe and also of Dane for his worthiness to baptize Gabe. Hope this is the first of many more to come in his life time. Give them a big hug from me! xoxox Mama - - G.G.

Jen said...

how cool!! wow...can't believe that gabeon is old enough to be baptized!! he looks so grown up in the photo with tommy and stan and gina!! wow...congratulations on making that special decision gabe!! wish we could have been there with you all!! love you!!! and how cool for dane to have baptized him! that is so cool dane-way to go to be such a great young man....love you!!