05 February 2008

Frog Isn't So Bad...

I thought, as I chewed the little buddy up last night. Spitting out the vertebrae, I thought of all the family and friends that have tasted like things before my tongue has... and then my thoughts drifted to Kermit the Frog. Cruel, cruel death. Last night we found ourselves on a brightly lit street with red Chinese lanterns zig-zagging their way over our heads about 10 feet. The night wasn't night: it was living, breathing, and eating with hundreds of people. I think the total cost for our meal was in the ballpark of $30 (about 100 'ringuh', Malaysian currency). Grilled chicken and beef and noodles and frog and more and more. Absolutely delicious.

I've been sitting in on a few interviews. These people being featured in this MLM company are the highest achievers in this area. These people are motivated by what they do. Especially came clear with the 20-yr-old that pulled up in his gorgeous car. The kid earns about 9K a month. All off juice.

I'm not advocating we change from Shaklee... :) No, its just been interesting to see what makes us all tick. Photographing them as been a little different than my usual, US clients that are used to this kind of thing. I am so fortunate to enjoy this part of my life, right now. I feel a lot of gratitude. Trying to better understand where somebody is coming from, what their motivations are, listening to their struggles and projecting with their dreams... well, its all very humbling to be a part of. Don't get me wrong: I get tired. Post-production work can be a bear with endless clicks on the computer and sessions of computer-staring that MUST be more dangerous than staring at noon-day sun! Even with that, I still prefer the individual.

I am reminded that we are not alone. Not here. Not there. Meeting these wonderful people remind me of how fortunate I am to be alive, to share, to love, to allow an ear to their lives. People think they are ordinary, when in fact, their "usual" lives aren't that all. All of us are quite extraordinary.

I'm thankful for other countries; I'm thankful for other people.

And... I'm thankful for my "own" people. You. My greatest and blessed family. Love you all. Dxo


Jen said...

dallas...you are so wonderful with words! i'm glad you've been having this great experience! what a great time! i'm really excited to see some of your photos...wow!!

love you brother...love you, love you!!

Oldest Girl said...

Dal you are great! Hurry home please. We miss chatting with you at the mac. I too am ready for some great pics. Glad you have added another great experience to your life. It is a good thing you document everything so well. I can't wait for your book!


Mama said...

Hey my "word" genious! I loved reading your recent blogs!!!! We have just returned from the special temple session for Landon receiving his endowment. We gathered around a nice table afterward - - at the Garden - - and ate what I think sounds much better than FROG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shudder to think of even trying it. Oh my goodness. I guess I can say that "all these things give thee experience". I am satisfied that I will just hear about it from you and I really don't have to experience it. I too am grateful for other countries and beautiful places on our globe, but my favorite is right here on USA soil. I will always love America and wave my flag way high. There is a wonderful thing about coming back isn't there. Am I to assume that you are in SLC? And you haven't even called me? Tut! Tut! I have been holding my breath for quite a while now. I just may faint. I am thrilled that you have had this marvelous adventure and I want to hear about it face to face and eyeball to eyeball with photos and all. Soon? Please? xoxoxo Mama

bellybutton said...

dallas...i can't believe you ate a frog! now, that just opposes me. I love frogs and i ahev no idea why they would be on someone's like...top 10 food list!!!