28 January 2008

MORE Poems

A sharpened sword piercing your finger,
An oversized anthill growing out of your skin,
A silky splinter, struggling to escape...

Catching a Cold
Sniff, Sniff.
The unstoppable clogging
makes it hard to focus,
On breathing steadily.
Tissues swish
and OUT
off and on, off and on,
Dribble, Dribble
The rushing river of sticky caramel
Escapes through the hole,
Oh, I hate the reactions of catching a cold!
Your nose gets clogged,
So you can't breathe,
And at every moment
You constantly SNEEZE!
Your eyes well up,
Your cheeks start on FIRE!
Your nose gets cold,
And the large amount of tissues
gets higher.

Ghosts creep
With no shadow
Around this superstitious place,
Hold your breath
Just for luck
Or you'll be ties in itchy lace!
The gray tombs
Lie there.
By dead flowers.

The rush of cool air
weaves through my hair,
Brushes through my arms,
Giving me hills of chills...

Go away
Do what I say
I you don't obey,
You won't play.

Description of Poems
The poem Hangnail was just really ideas for a poem...
The poem Catching a Cold describes in detail what it is like to catch a cold. (To those of you who've never had one, there are few!)
The poem Graveyard is a poem about Graveyards and superstitions (I'm EXTREMELY superstitous!)
The poem Wind is just a weird poem I wrote last year.
The poem Obey is something my mom said, but I don't know if I got it all right, but after she said it, she perks up, and rather joyfully, she asks, "Did you hear what I said?" And then she recites what she said before and then she breaks out laughing.

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Dallas Graham said...

Keep them coming, Annabelle!!! I think Graveyard is particularly fun!