24 January 2008

Abby is set for State...

Hey, just an update...Abby is in at the 3A State Championships in swimming. Our Wasatch Boys took Region again this year, and the girls team took 3rd, which is fantastic. Abby is swimming in two individual events in State, the 200 Individual Medley (50 yards each of the Butterfly, Back, Breast and Free) and the 100 Yard Backstroke.

She is excited because she just recently started racing in the IM, and made the last position (24) in the state race. She swims on Friday and Saturday, February 1st and 2nd. Go Wasatch!


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Dallas Graham said...

Abs!!!!! Wahooo! What does it feel to actually COMPETE in "state" stuff? Seriously. I guess I have to get that kind of satisfaction through you and the rest cause this kid (me) never did that stuff. What do you do to keep yourself psyched? Is every breath a breath for Edward? Or Jacob? Dxo