21 January 2008

More Poems...

I don't know if these are as good as my last ones because I wrote them in 4th grade. But its worth a try...


Here we go, up the slippery slide,
To throw the rock : pumice, once we're inside.
And, YES! It hits that wicked wasp nest,
Now, my ear does not look the best.


I look down,
Clothes are everywhere.
I look for my favorite outfit,
It isn't there.
I look for my shoes,
They're as darling as my clothes,
Where are those?
In the dirty clothes!


It's a game we play on Sundays
We run from my strong-as-a-wrestler-dad, you see.
Then he catches us, and throws us on the bed,
And terrifyingly tackles us until we're practically dead.


There he races,
My teeny tiny freaky flying squirrel.
I run after him myself,
And he simply scatters up an oak tree,
Him and the oak tree land on top of me!

You guys are probably wondering what I am talking about in these poems.

Well, in Stung! I am explaining how my friend and I threw rocks at a wasp nest and I got stung on the ear.
In Clothes, I am talking about...well, that's sort of self-explanatory...
In Fugitive, I am explaining a game that all of us used to play with my dad.
And in Escape, well, I can't really explain that. It just came to head...

How do you like them? I think they aren't written very well.

P.S. Would you like me to post stories, or should I stick to poems?


Mama said...

Who is basketball blondie? I know it is a Clawson, but which one? Who ever is writng these poems, I think you are doing great! Keep it up. I like them! G.G.

Papa Jones said...

You are so dang funny! You guys have gotta read these. Where are you coming up with these things? When are you going to write your first book Belly-Boo?

We love you so much. I am so glad you want to hang with the old folks on the blog.

Peace out....