17 January 2008

a few fun ones!

our little jakr after whit combed his hair---oooo so cute!

our first pinr wood derby! won most colorful car!---all done by studly Ryan!


firekracker said...

Oh Ang, your kids are so adorable! I want to smell little Jake so bad and kiss behind his chubbly neck. So cute!


Mama said...

Whoa!!!! What is happening with Jake????? He looks so different from the last phtos. Don't let him change too much. I want to eat on him! Anxious to see him and cuddle with him. xoxoxo Mom

Mama said...

Tell Ryan I love the looks of his car! Wasn't that just soooooooooo fun? Oh the memories of making those cars and the stress and anxiety associate with the competition. I am glad to know that Ryan did it! (Or did he?) xoxoxo Mom