16 January 2008

Tender Mercies...

Hey family...what up..

It is late, but I wanted to share something pretty special. I think I need to be careful, because sometimes the things I say may sound like boasting to others, and believe me I have never intended this to be the case. I give all credit to a loving Heavenly Father, and deep appreciation for some of the wonderful things I have in my life.

You all know that I have had the opportunity to help Landon prepare for a mission as a Bishop. I know Scott was able to send Austin, which launched his wonderful experience as a Bishop. Over the course of the last year or so, I have probed and prodded, and interviewed and shared with my son in a very intimate way.

Well, tonight, after many interviews, we sat accross the desk from each other as I gave him a temple recommend interview as he prepares to enter the Lord's House for the first time. As I looked him in the eye, and started asking the familiar questions, I was overcome with emotion to have the opportunity to do this. I forged ahead with every question, waves of spiritual warmth flowing over me. He dropped his head and shed some tears together with me, smiling his wonderful smile.

But each question I asked, I looked him in the eye, and each answer he gave with a clear, unwavering response. "Dad, I am clean." This has been his reaction and response through the years, and tonight, as I looked into his clear, bright eyes, I was assured again that he is, and he is prepared to make sacred covenants.

Sometimes I feel that the children we (and you) have been sent are from another level. I see so much promise in this generation of youth in the church. I see so many bright and wonderful futures.

Thank you for your prayers in Abby's behalf. After she was cleared last week, she went out and nailed a personal best in the backstroke, coming in 2nd at a large meet in Southern Utah. She saw a nutitionist this week who is helping her plan the right foods to eat and when to eat them, and she seems very positive about that direction. She has a big Region meet this weekend, a few weeks of tapering, and then State on Feb 1 and 2 at BYU. Then she is going to rest for a day.

How we love you all. The Lord is blessing us so wonderfully, and is making a way for us in our new business pursuits.


Brad (and my soulmate, Carolyn)


Jen said...

brad, thanks for sharing. i love that landon....he is so great!! and i'm so happy that he is prepared to be such a strong and stalwart witness of the Savior...we love him!!! and all of you!!! and glad to hear that abby is doing well...loves!!!

RockStar said...

wow....awesome Brad...what a great experience that you and Landon have shared. I too, am proud of Landon and the man he is becoming. He would make any parent proud, and I am proud to have him as a nephew. I do believe your belief in the children of today...they ARE from another level...a better level, and for some reason, the Lord has entrusted their care to us, their parents. I get a overwhelmed alot, mostly due to my inadeuqacies staring me in the face...but gratefully I have older brothers like you Brad, who can show the way.

You are the man.....

Oldest Girl said...

Brad, what a wonderful experience. I was just talking with someone the other day about how someone didn't want there kid to have to report to their bishop because it was their father. We were saying how special it would be to have a dad as a bishop. What a treat with Landon. It got me misty eyed. He is such a great young man. You and Carolyn have done so well!


Lead Dog said...

He is a special young man. Tell him that I love him.