06 January 2008

Jodi's Update

I am sure that many of you have heard of Jodi's visit to the ER on Sunday, and I just wanted to give everyone an update on how she is. I thought it would be best to give Mom the information, and let her spread the word

Jodi had a pretty routine procedure done on New Years Eve, one which would make her life a lot easier-you will have to talk to her for the details, she got mad at me for telling Carolyn and Gina during the holidays-makes her embarrassed, and I am sorry I did say anything. Anyways, it seems that for the last few days, she was getting worse-she could hardly stand and walk around, let alone eat or drink. Finally on Sunday morning, when I got home from church I acted on the instinct I have had for 3 days and that was get her to the hospital. She is covered with red dots all over her body, cannot seem to get warm, and had a temp of 105. the Internist that saw her said I did good to bring her in due to how prolific the infection in her blood is. She is being cared for by able people at American Fork hospital and should be there for 3-4 days. As I told Mom earlier today, my family doesn't get sick a lot, but when we do....its' trauma, and its serious. Just look at our track record with Ethan, Scarlett, Sasha, and Teage....and now Jodi...makes me .frightened for myself, actually.

Anyway, keep my sweetheart in your prayers...she really needs it and she is one not to ask for anything, but I am asking. She is very sick and needs the Lords blessings right now. I guess my only regret is that I haven't been sensitive to what was going on...typical with me... This last week of being a single Dad has sure taught me how much I need Jodi everyday-probably more than she needs me. She alwasy does so much to make our life beautiful and happy and I just seem to screw it up all the time. Hopefully she will forgive me of my faults...again, and get healthy quick because we need her back!

My kids are doing great, and will be up at Grandma Graham's for a couple of days. I will try and keep everyone updated, but please no phone calls for Jodi-she really isn't in any condition to talk...really.

I sure love everyone and appreciate your thoughts during this time.



Jen said...

oh wow!! thanks for updating me!! we will keep her in our prayers!!! good luck and keep up updated on her progress!!


Oldest Girl said...

She is in our prayers Doug. She is lucky to have such a great husband to help her get better. We love her so much, make sure you tell her so much!!!!!

Mama said...

Thanks Doug, for the thorough information. We are all concerned to the max and praying for you and Jodi. Please let her know that. We love her so much and hate to know that she isn't feeling good. Our prayers are for her swift recover and response to the meds she is now receiving. When do you think she will be able for visitors? You are doing great Doug. Quit beating up on yourself. We all need each other at times like this. We have a great reservoir of faith in our family and will can all work on this together. We love you! xoxo Mom