31 December 2007

Merry Christmas in TEXAS!

Kinda had a party here! Dang--Dad brought us a 4wheeler for Christmas--how fun is that--we are seriously considering making a track around our house! The kids are in heaven with it and it is seriously so fun to watch them cruise by themselves--no accidents please! We also just had to go ice-skating to feel some snowy weather--acutally it has been quite cold--WE even have had fires in our fireplace---AHHHH so fun!

We sure miss all of you so much and hope you all know our door is always open! We love you--mom and dad and jeni and tyler--can't believe your awesome trip---you are so blessed! So lucky--live it up dude!

Loves to you,


Oldest Girl said...

Looks like so much fun! Careful with that motor vehicle! How lucky you are to have so much room to drive around and not bother the neighbors! I hope you are enjoying Texas it looks good on you!

Jen said...

how fun!! love those photos of baby jake...keep them coming!!

loves to you all!!

Mama said...

How come there are two four wheelers? This can only be much fun! Glad to see the helmets. Be careful on those fun machines. Have Brad tell you his memories of his great ride. Little Jake is changing so much!!! Happy New Year Everyone! xoxo Mom