20 December 2007

Come and Cool Off This Summer in Dallas!

After a number of requests, I am posting a few shots of the newly completed pool in the backyard. We do this more as an invitation that anything else. This way no one can have an excuse for not visiting in the hot Texas summer sun. We have relief. We're excited to use it . . . in 4 or 5 months.

The first shot is from our master bedroom porch on the second floor. The second shot is looking northeast. There is a real nice water feature on the north side. Waterfalls, rocks, etc. The third shot is looking southwest. You can see the hot tub (which will will use during the coming week, hopefully). The fourth shot is from the diving board, looking west. The final shot is looking north, viewing the nice rock work on the south pool wall.

We've got the landscaping to do . . . grass, shrubs, small trees, etc. But the big work is done. The water looks nice but is 49 degrees.

Now someone has to come and enjoy this will us this summer!


RockStar said...

Man....that is too cool! Hopefully the kids are very appreciative of having a personal pool like that. I would be. Enjoy your new hobby! It will be a lot of fun.


Mama said...

Wala!!!! It is done! And it is a beauty!!! Sorely tempting for all the aquatic folk in the family. Thans for posting a photo! Can hardly wait to see it personally. where is the fence to keep little ones out? Looks like it will be a magnet for folks and friends to come and visit. No worry about what to do, that's for sure! xoxo Mom