04 December 2007

Doug and Mitt

Hey everyone...just wanted to attach this picture of hopefully, our new President of the United States. He will be addressing the nation on Thursday night in regards to the LDS faith, and faith in America. I hope everyone can watch it....I'm going to try. You can see him talking on the phone...he's talking to Mom.



Mama said...

I agree! Go Mitt!! Thanks for the photos Doug! that was so cool when I actually talked with him. Dad grabbed the TV coverage this morning after Amy called to tel him Mitt was on. We were thinking it was going to be tonight. Dad thinks he hit a home run. I was drying my hair and on the run, so I didn't get to see it. Dad has reported on lots of commentary he has heard today . . .Rush, Glen B. Hannity and C. . .Mitt has had some pretty positive comments. Dad thought it was wonderful! Go Mitt! xoxo Mom

Oldest Girl said...

He was awsome! I watched yesterday and Craig and I watched it again last night. It was so great to hear him talk so well. He was so right on! GO MITT