05 December 2007


So, because tomorrow is part of the German Christmas celebration...I'd thought I'd educate you all...and invite you to begin the tradition with us!! We'll be doing this every year!! I've decided that when St. Nick does come visit, that he will bring the kids books...and if I were home, I would make them new Christmas books...but since I'm not, I'm just going to pass on a new book and small treats for each of them in their shoes!!

Nikolaustag, the day of St. Nicholas, who is not to be confused with Santa Claus. On Nikolausabend, the eve of Dec. 6, Sankt Nikolaus, dressed like a bishop, comes with gifts for the chidren. On the morning of the 6th, the gifts are eagerly opened. He is usually accompanied by an evil, demonic counterpart called (varying by region) Pelzmarte, Pulterklas, Knecht Ruprecht, Habersack or Krampus. Dec. 6 is also the traditional date when local Christmas markets (Weihnachtsmärkte, Christkindlmärkte) open in the main square of almost every town in Austria and Germany. Some Christmas markets (Nürnberg, Wien, etc.) are famous for their attractions and/or size.

Love you all and can't wait for our visitors to arrive on the 18th!! We are counting down the days!!


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Mama said...

Good grief, it sounds like you are German for sure! Fun tradition to start! Let's go for it family. We will thank Jeni for this reminder of German tradition. xoxo Mom