30 December 2007

Venice Baby!

Hi There - Tyler here. Just wanted to let you all know we had a fabulous time in Venice this week. Here are a couple of pictures (I posted a bunch more on our AllenWorld Blog if you want to see more). Between me and Bev, we took pictures of about every square meter of the city. We were awesome! Wish you all could have been there with us (especially those of you who speak Italiano).


bubblyone said...

Dang--speechless--you guys look like you are just having a blast--What great places to visit--and to make it even better--mom and dad are with you--LUCKY!

Loves to you,

Mama said...

Oh the memories! I want to put a bunch of pictures to lure family to visit Germany. You were the greatest hosts and we had a fantastic time! And yes, it would have been so helpful to have had Matt and Stan with us. Or maybe Gary Fogg with his German language. It is definitely more difficult when you don't speak the language. Hey everyone, let's all learn another language! oxoxoxo Mom