14 December 2007

Winter wonderland at Grandma and Grandpa's


Oldest Girl said...

What the heck! Oh well, I am trying not to cry as I sit here and look at those great pictures. They are so great! Grace looks so pretty... Yea we are getting a cold front that we are so excited about! It is suppose to come thru tonight. The highs will only be in the 60's and low 70's! That is so exciting for us. It has been so muggy it is gross and sweaty. Tis the season! Sorry about the complaining!

bubblyone said...

K OUCH! It seriously hurts my heart---AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i just can't stand that we aren't there---i am trying not to cry as well---but it isn't working!!


Listen to Bing Crosby and look at those and just die!


RockStar said...

Yes, all you out of staters....look and weep....had a great time at Mom and Dad's...reminded me of the Christmas's of yesteryear, with plenty of sledding til all hours, warm fireplace, Mom's great food, games, finding corners to reconnect with everyone. Hopefully we will have more days like it....we don't get a lot of snow like that anymore.

Seriously, I wish everyone could be there....it was great. Thanks to Mom and Dad for undying hospitality....

Mama said...

Oh, wow!!! I haven't even seen the blog since I left. Didn't know exactly how to access it on Jeni's computer. Angie? Think you are in tears? So ME!!!!!! This really does a number on me! Gina Babe you are the best for helping us to remember this great night so easily!!!Was it not a perfect night?Snow: perfect! Weather: Perfect! Food: well eaten! Fun: seemed almost perfect. Would have been perfect if all the rest of you had been there. I was thrilled to hear Dane express how it brought back so many good memories of him, James, Austin, Landon, Abby, Garrett, Estee, and all the kids. That was really what it was all about. We even had what we called a perfect snow packed road, but no one there to give it the sleigh run at midnight. Oh, the memories!!! Hot Chocolate hugs and kisses! xoxo Mom/G.G./G.G.G.

Mama said...

well, like our fiddler on the roof, Tevyeh says, "life is like a fiddler on a roof.. we are all trying to keep from falling off, and breaking our neck.And how do we do this? Its because of our traditions that we know who we are, and what God expects us to be" I think I have the script pretty much accurate. Anyway that night was about as perfect as it could be. Thanks Gina babe, for taking the time and effort to remember these times together. we could roll out many other such activities. But at this season, being away as we are, even though we are here with Jeni and Tyler,
I miss the home place and all the rest of you great folks. I am feeling many emotions of gratitude for all of you, and your efforts to support and build our traditions and keep them alive. As Pres. Monson often says, memories let us have june roses, in december. This is a June rose.
Love to you all,