23 December 2007

Christmas Adam :: Florida's Christmas Eve Eve

Annabelle, holding a low-swining Lilly just said, "Today is Christmas Eve Eve" and then sauntered away. There are exactly 2 Clawson girls in a tub, 1 girl using a blow-drier, 1 infant pounding on the bathroom door (hopeful of being let in on the fun), 1 teenager still sleeping (Mady, I'm thinking) and the rest I haven't accounted for yet. Its 10:04a, I believe, and whether you stay indoors or walk outdoors, it feels the same.

That's what good weather is, donchaknowit? Perfect weather lies in the delivery of it: neither hot nor cold; temperate enough that you're not aware of it. That's what I'm liking about, or rather LOVING...

To Kill A Mockingbird. Its the book I'm reading this month for my new book club. Memory seems to be tricking me or simply making me realize something different: I can't seem to remember reading this book, although I'd almost bet a full-toothed dog snout I have! My mind seems filled with black and white film and a girl with cropped, short, brown hair. Something that isn't a memory but a hopeful wish: will somebody in our large, abounding, never to end family, name a child Atticus?! Please. Think of the reference, think of the name behind it... and think of how it sounds. Now that I've awakened the naming game, I'll retract back into simply telling everybody how and what to do when it comes to rearing children...

Clawson's Place: good times, for sure. Last night we were attacked by a gaggle of laughing geese coming from Amy's "scrapbook room". She and Mady found a certain humor in sewing, Bernina, a bobbin and something else. Its probably code for something. Craig and Shelby and I watched (give me some credit) the BYU Bowl game. Shelby made some tasty pumpkin cookies: slight enough that you can pop 3 at a time and still feel like you've just had one cookie. We ate them late, after throwing in the latest Bond movie (Casino Royale: a fun rec, btw, for all of you die-hard Bourne types). We got about halfway through and had to turn off because of drowsy eyes.

A couple nights ago, as uncle and visiting guy, I saw my first Varsity Basketball game by a blood-relation of Bo/Bev. Shelby and Mady played an intense game the other night, as Amy and Craig made up the ENTIRE cheering section (yep, Amy still has it... and Craig is agreeable to every "raw!"). Both girls were full of spirit and quick to jump, dive, and foul on occasion (that is always healthy, I think). Both girls were fairly passionate about the results, as well. Shelby wears one of her socks to her knee — something she and another Varsity friends do.

Publix/Costco/Target runs are happening, though I think we are trying to wind that down. Everybody has finished school and they have been able to give all the necessary gifts to teachers, friends, b-ball sistas, church friends, etc. Lots of giving, lots of making here.

Me? Oh, I'm dandy. Just really REALLY relaxing... no schedules to keep and only a few things I HAVE to do. Feels nice. I had a Rendezvous yesterday with a new client (friend of Amy's) down at the beach. Cute couple. The beach was so nice to be on: white, cool, and the sound of the tide made me think about the joys of relocating to something new.

Reading To Kill A Mockingbird has been a gem. If'n I've read these words before an' fo'got them, they'ze been good to recollect and chew. G'day to all y'alls...

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