11 January 2008

Jodi's Update Jan.11, 2008

Hopefully everyone knows by now that Jodi was able to come home on Wednesday night...she is getting better everyday, and we know its from the many prayer in her behalf. She wanted me to tell everyone how much she appreciate all the kinds thoughts, and offers for help. She loves everyone and hopefully, will be able to visit with everyone soon and tell you more about what happened....this is what they believed happened: She had a very SERIOUS reaction to the antibiotic given to her after her surgery...she took it for about 5 days and hemotologist said she almost had a fatal reaction to it....she is very sensitive to sulfa-based products, so she can't take any of that....but it was scary for her to say the least....

On a personal note-I consider myself to be a blessed person, with so many loving siblings and family members who can buoy me up when I am down....that is the great hidden strength of our family....the well of powerful belief and faith that can work miracles...I know its because of many of you that Jodi recovered so quickly...they were expecting her to be in the hospital for a week, but was able to come home sooner.

I sure love you all...I know I am not the best at saying it all the time, but hopefully all of you will know how much I love and need you. Thanks Mom, Stan and Gina, Joni, for helping us with the kids...I am a little worried about them coming home...probably going to be a major downer...they have had a permanent vacation!



Jen said...

i'm so glad jodi is ok!!! we love you and will continue to remember you in our prayers!! i can't believe how scary that was...i'm so thankful that the Lord is aware of our little family!!! thanks for the update doug...and you are loved and you know it....and i do know that you love me...dude, you drove to my house in seattle and visited--during the "rainy" season--ha ha ha--more like downpour season!! we sure had a great time huh....love you and yours!!!

Mama said...

Thanks for the update Doug. We are so thrilled that the news is upbeat. We have all been praying and thinking of you both so much. The kids seem to be enjoying themselves. Teage is my boy! He likes me! You take good care of your darling wife and give her some hugs and kisses from us! We love you both!!!!xoxox Mom

Oldest Girl said...

Whewwwwww! I am so relieved. I always hated the way sulfer smelled! :) I am so grateful that Jodi is feeling better. I hope she starts to be up and around a little. What a blessing. I am so glad that you are such a great guy Doug. I know you love me too! I wish you were my next day neighbor! I would make you guys some good soup and stuff. I wish I could help with your kids. Make sure Jodi doesn't push it for a little bit! Lov eyou

Papa Jones said...


We love you so much. Don't leave us! How would we deal with Doug! Seriously, take time to write down all the secret covenants you made while you were sick. I believe these are times when we are very close to Heavenly Father, and he can teach us while we are all ears.

Love you.

Brad and Carolyn