13 March 2008

Spring is at my front door!

yeah! i must say i did me a little flower arangement in my cute little crock from VA --i change my flowers seasonally---cute? Dang i love it---i thought i'd go with the wild flower look---picked 'em all from the back yard--NOT--that would be HobbyLobby--my second home! YEAH--so fun!


Oldest Girl said...

Cute Angie, you are quite the decorator. You are making me nervous to have you come to my plain old house......just kidding. It looks beautiful! Can't wait to see it in real life.


Jen said...

oh, i miss hobby lobby!!! love it, and love you!! xoxoxoxo

Dallas Graham said...

HobbyLobby? I thought that WAS your home in Texas. Hm... not Terra, then, either? What about coming up with a name for your... Ginormous house? I mean, I do like the "wing" affectionately termed by this guy, as Diane (right?).

You should do lots of these arrangements. Very nice!

Mama said...

So how do I feel? Pretty not with it! Want to come and help and advise your Mom? I am still loving winter here. Spring brings lots of work and not a worker in sight. No crew left. Boo Hoo! xoxo Mom