22 March 2009

Hey All!

Hello dear ones! I wanted to take a few minutes and say hey! As most of you are aware--sorry that maybe not all of you are--but we are moving home to the Motherland on Saturday April 4th! I can't believe that our time here is over...I've got a lot of mixed emotions. It will be wonderful to be home--but this has become a very special home too! We love it. I cried my little eyes out at church today...so much love there! I will really miss the relationships I've made here-friends from around the globe...some we probably won't see again and that kills me!

Tyler has been in Seattle this week, we're counting the hours until his return! He's been in meetings and such, getting everything squared away for his return in a few weeks.

We'll be in temp. housing for about 6 weeks, while we patiently;) await our shipment of goods from across the sea! We're planning on coming down to Utah for a couple of weeks-at least the kdis and I spending a couple of weeks there. Right now it's looking like the last 2 weeks of April--so I hope we can get a get-together scheduled so we can see those of you that live there!

I can't leave w/o a few photos! We went to Frankfurt last weekend to the temple--we stopped somewhere before-but I can't for the life of me remember the city name! This beautiful building that Ty is posing in front of is a beautiful palace....BEATUIFUL inside! And one of the only buildings like this that we havn't been allowed to take photos in...bummer! Isn't he handsome!?
This next photo is of us at the temple in Frankfort. We stayed at the little appartments they have there next to the temple and had a great time. We did have a photo of our whole family but my eyes were closed...that is why you ALWAYS take at least 2 photos...always!
Love you all...please know that! We miss you!!


Mama said...

Thanks Jeni! Awesome photos. We are excited to have you back in America. God Bless America, land that I love! You are coming HOME!!!! cheers! Mom

Dallas Graham said...

I'm sure Germany will miss
you more!

Mama said...

I clicked on the photos and brought them up big. Oh, wow, it made a difference! You and the kids are so dang cute and that big tall guy is not too shabby either. . . .Wow! Love you all! Mom