09 March 2009

okay, more details.

Hi everyone!
For those of your who didn't get it...we are prego once more! It will be mid sept. which means a long and HOT summer but we are excited.
Graham doesn't get it yet, still working on that. I am nearing the end of the first trimester - thank goodness. I never actually threw up with Graham but the nausea was constant and terrible. With this one I have thrown up, but I have been able to manage the yuck more. Go figure. (I know, "Maybe this means it's a girl!" you will say!) So we'll see!

We wanted to wait until Austin got home to announce it and it was a hard wait! For one, both fams live close by here, and for two I poked out almost overnight! sheesh. so we waited and fibbed a little and I made a little onsie with "BIG Brother" on it to announce to everyone and my mom's face was priceless! (sorry, didn't capture the moment dangit.)

But we are doing well and happy. Lee is a stellar student and Graham is getting cuter though more melodramatic! we love him. and we love you!


Jen said...

i did understand the last photo, but it's sure fun to have your version of what is happening!! loves to you and glad you've been able to handle the yuck!!

Oldest Girl said...

ESTEEE! Congratulations! We are all so excited for you and Lee and Graham! What a wonderful thing! A lucky little spirit to come to a home filled with such love!