21 September 2007

Toms shoes!

k guys. this boy in my choir class brought up these shoes to our school, he was on the announcements and everything. they are called Toms shoes and everytime you buy a pair, a child in a 3rd world country gets a pair too. they are kinda cool looking shoes and a bunch of people are getting them here. i dont know if you are interested but i thought i would just put em out here
the site is www.tomsshoes.com
they are kinda cool, the next drp they do is going to be to south africa, so help some kids!


Dallas Graham said...

This is a great thing to post, Shelb! Thanks for making the post and I'm glad I can get some information on this kind of thing!

Mama said...

shelby, what do the shoes look like? g.G.

Oldest Girl said...

grandma if you go to the website i posted you see pictures tomsshoes.com