03 September 2007

First Day of School in Texas at Hart Elementary!

Well well well--our first day of school in Texas! The kids did wake up so excited and jazzed to meet new friends but just as mom was leaving, my sweet Ryan just broke down crying and wouldn't let me go and Whitneys lip was quivering as she was trying so hard to be brave! Ryan just cried cause he says "I don't know anyone --mommmy stay here-don't go!" I was starting to well up inside and then cute whit just being brave and said "I'll be Ok"---OHH lets just say i came home and put the dish towel to my face and cried so hard--all the newness setting in and Dad being gone alot---i just had a big long cry--I wanted my mommmy!

But the day did end glorious when they both came home so dang happy and as Ryan said," I can't wait to go tomorrow!" AND Dad came home before 9pm! Horray!

Life is still beautiful!

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Loves to you,

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Mama said...

Good times, Angie dear. It is called stretching and growing. Sometimes it is most painful, but most rewarding. So glad things are going so well for you. Can hardly wait to come and assist with that new little boy who will soon make his presence known. Loves. . . xoxo Mom