12 September 2007

The Adventures of Marco Polo-The Russians are Coming!!!

Ok, Ok.......Marco Polo has returned with more tales of adventure, and let me tell you, the world is frickin' scary place lately.

Recently, my work obligations took me to the great country of Los Angeles, actually Valencia, CA, where I had to sit through 3 excruciating days of lecture, training, and other verbal abuses. Sunday night, I had to catch a shuttle from the airport to the Valencia Hyatt hotel-very nice place by the way-and the shuttle ride was most interesting. I swear, the entire KGB-the Russina Secret Service-is now working for SuperShuttle in Los Angeles. I guess the demise of the Soviet Union didn't pay off for them. They way they look at you when you get into their shuttles....I tell you...they've learned a lot more than just "driving".

Anyway, I have never had such a terrifying car drive in all my life....I remember that my life flashed before my eyes as our bright blue 15 passenger van with "SUPERSHUTTLE" across its body, hurled down the freeway with speeds exceeding100 mph...no kidding. I didn't even know they made those cars to move that fast. I about soiled myself several times as he weaved through the labyrinth of truck haulers and cars. Typcial LA traffic. I told my Russian driver-"Hey man, why don't you slow down a bit....this isn't Nascar, and I just got done paying off this dental work...I'd rather live tonight". Of course, he didn't say a word either...somehow, nobody feels like talking to me much when I'm in a public bathroom or in a speeding shuttle...go figure.

The amazing thing is that he wanted a frickin' tip! I asked him when we "landed" at the hotel-"you threaten my life with a speedy shuttle, and have the audacity to ask for a tip!!!" Geez!!!

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shelbyyy said...

DOUG! once again you make me laugh. i am commenting so you do not pace the floor and think people do not like/read your blogs like jodi says you do. thats definitely not true! one time i was in new york and the cab drivers are really scary looking. they dont talk and all of names that are too hard to pronounce. anyway, i'll try to comment more :) haha