01 September 2007

Well La-Dee-Frickin-Daaa!

Hey everyone! This is Landon. I just finished up my rather wimpy profile, I suggest everyone look at it since apparantly everyone is dying to find out what my shopping list would be if I was living in Greenland under a blanket.

But seriously, I'm hoping that everyone has filled out their little profile, then I can find out PRESICELY what genre of music I'll play for you if I ever want to have a decent conversation with you.

So, this blog is pretty awesome! I get to read up on everything that my dad is telling about me! And I want you all to know that I did NOT call up my mommy and ask her how to freeze ice...nope...never happened.

I'm only two weeks into the college experience and I'm already loving it. Success with the ladies has been quite a challenge, but besides that, its like a dream come true. I have roomates that are all return missionaries (but if you would listen to them talk for about 5 minutes you wouldn't even guess that.) but its all cool. They are all former or current football players. Rather intimidating. We watch Pro and Junior College football 24/7. Really, we leave the television on. It just doesn't turn off. If the TV isn't on Football, you'll see either Halo, or Mike Tyson's Punchout on the Wii. Its a blast. I'm taking tons of art classes, and I'm not Picasso, so its gonna get tough, but I might manage, I'm doing drawing so I can do the thing I love, which is Animating. I'm working out, I'm doing schoolwork, I feed myself, and cook myself, tell myself to go to bed, I play basketball everynight. Its just. awesome.

Okay. Enough. Peace!



-st- said...

is "the blue badger" your mascot or something?? that the heck.

i am sure glad you are enjoying yourself though. are you planning on visiting the p-town anytime soon? you better let me know. 469-471-8701. loves.

Blue Badger said...

Well, Blue is my favorite color, and I am now officially a Snow College Badger. So, yes, I guess it is my mascot.
GO BADGERS!!!!!!!!

Mama said...

What???????????? Landon is alive and kicking? Welcome to the fun corner of food for thought. Glad to hear you are surviving and enjoying life. Pretty fun, huh? Do you answer E-mail? I have asked and no one seems to think yo have a mailing address. Would you please send it to your G.G.? You might be rewarded or something. . . you never know. G.G.

shelbyyy said...

hey! sounds like you are having a blast! glad to hear its going well, and dont worry, success with the ladies willl definitely start kicking in soon ;)

RockStar said...

Landon....make sure you don't become a shmedrick....behave yourself, and make sure to stay up late....kissing the ladies!!!!! Yeah Baby Yeah!