23 September 2007

Prevenient Grace - - Incredible experience

I feel bad that it has taken me so long to write about the unbelievably wonderful concert. My computer has had a little tempermental time. My mind has been flooded with dreaming of the repeat of Monday and Tuesday evenings. There aren't words to describe my feelings. That you were mostly all there was my greatest desire come true. I am so glad that those of you who were there could share this remarkable experience with the rest of us. Stan, it was just beyond our dreams to see what happened. The sonnet itself is amazing, but then to have that beautiful music as well was such an exhilarating experience. Dallas, to have you singing this masterpiece with all those gifted and talented Utah Chamber Artists, was really a double whammy! Absolutely fantastic. I have had so many of our friends tell of their thrill at being there. Paul Johnson told me he could honestly say he has never experienced a better concert. My friends from our ward were blown away! Carole Smith can't quit talking about it. I know that there will be a recording available some time. It will have a hard time comparing to actually being in the Cathedral, but that is just how it is. These evenings were truly a high spot for us. Stan, it was so wonderful to have you discuss Preveninet Grace with us on Sunday. It helped so much in appreciating it even more. I have the sonnet memorized, but now I want to learn to sing it. Dad is already started trying to play in on the piano. That will be quite the task! I challenge all of you to memorize it and keep it in your brain/computer. I am going to try to get copies of the music for each of you. I am just so glad that you were all here to experience this glorious event. Hope you have the lingering strains of the music and profound text running through your minds. It was indeed glorious! Thanks to all of you and especially to Stan and Dallas! I thought my heart might burst! xoxoxo Mom

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