05 September 2007

More on CDB...

Sorry for hogging the blog, but I needed to disclose a few more bits of information. First, I changed my screen name to Papa Jones. Don't ask me where it came from, but it is a nickname from Abs of Steel. She calls me Papa Jones, PJ, etc....possibly a bit more meaningful than Norge, the name Dad gave me from my youth. Only recently did I figure out he nicknamed me after a dry cleaning chain.

Carolyn's new physician called today with lab results. Some very interesting news. Kind of a work in progress....she is definitely hyperthyroid, and the nodules she has seem to be toxic. Monday, Carolyn will receive a radioactive iodine treatment as they measure the iodine uptake. It will take most of the day, and they will scan the thyroid multiple times. Some of you may know that nodules can be hot or cold. Most hot nodules are benign and OK, but cold nodules are usually bad.

We will be testing them to see if they are hot or cold. She has some large masses, so we are a little anxious. It will likely then lead to biopsy, etc.

In the meantime, she has been put on some medication for a somewhat irregular heartbeat-don't understand that. Also, they are loading her up with massive amounts of iron, four times per day. She is grossly enimic and has been based on her annual exams since before Nettie was born.

We are sorry to burden you but ask that you continue to remember her in your prayers. Today we found out that the insurance we applied for in my new self employed life has denied coverage. We still have it with my current company, since I am still technically an employee for a few weeks, but it looks like we will be moving to Cobra for a while until we get a handle on this issue with Carolyn. No biggie. We are greatful to have what we do.

We love you all so much.



Dallas Graham said...

Fingers crossed, prayers said.

Oldest Girl said...

Tell her we love her. It must be you Brad that makes her heart skip a beat!

Mama said...

OK Brad. . . I am sending her some Shaklee Iron!!! It is better than any you will find anywhere. Just ask Gina for her testimonial. Totally bioavailable and easy on the tummy and most effective. Forgive the intrusion, but she is our daughter too. I will have it sent to her asap. I could even have Gina send her a few to hold her over until it comes. It really works. xoxoxo Mom

bubblyone said...

We will totally remember her and keep her in our prayers--we love you so much! Loves loves loves