04 January 2009

Bev n Bo 50th Party

To all siblings and spouses-sorry, no kids on this one

During our reunion this summer, Scott advocated that we all make efforts to go with Mom and Dad on a pilgrimage to the land of our forefathers - Scotland. We discussed it with Mom and Dad over Christmas holidays, and there was concern from our parents that due to national economic instability, perhaps it wouldn't be such a good idea. Of course, I am the first one to say" wow, the cost of this isn't convenient for me"...but then again, I don't when we could all do something like this again. I would like to do more....all it probably takes is planning and cash....sounds simple, huh?

Anyway, we have targeting August 1, 2009 to embark on a journey to Scotland-due to Mom and Dads' request. My company has its own travel agency, and there are several different types of tours....the packages include airfare to Scotland from the international place- New York. The cost would be roughly $1600 a person, including airfare and all activities.

I am including links to the journey itself. We are needing feedback from everyone in 2 weeks. The journey is a 9 day trip-and it looks like there is a lot to enjoy....

I realize that economic challenges hit everyone, therefore I think its crucial that we decide what we are going to do....at least it lets us prepare for a few months, save money, etc. I know at the reunion that Dad generously offered to help maybe those who can't totally swing it, but I feel strongly that everyone do all they can to prepare.

Also, Mom as also interested in a Book of Mormon cruise in October, or a Greece and Turkey cruise, etc...there is a lot to choose from. Also, renting a villa in Italy for a while was considered....perhaps next year??

What an awesome experience we would all have. Everyone needs to go...it won't be near as great if someone is missing, and I know Mom and Dad would appreciate it. Let's remember, this is for them.....I will be getting more information and sharing as I get it.

Let me know your thoughts.




Mama said...

Thanks Doug. I didn't know we had proposed a date. Weren't there several options? If my opinion counts, I would really like anything we do to happen on our anniversary. That would be Aug. 21. For all your information, this is just a proposal, not in cement. If any of you have some ideas lets hear them. Dad and I will comment more after we hear comments from you all. It is for sure that we are not in favor of putting you in financial crisis. I am sure there are lots of options.

Mama said...

HEy guys, this is the DAD.. This Scotland trip sounds wonderful. But, there are lots of great ideas and sometimes the ideal is not achievable. We recognize lots of people don't make it to 50 years together. I think the idea of being together somewhere on Aug. 21is where we start. That would be the first objective if we can. The place is kind of up there in the air, but it should be fun, not a torture chamber journey....meaning that it will be a difficult thing....Love you all and appreciate your good lives. Love, Dad

Lead Dog said...

It would be best if did this at a time when we could all relax a bit more and not have to worry about our kiddos in school. Let's just dub August 2009 as the ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION MONTH. I am sure that there will be more than just this trip going on to celebrate the half century mark for our dear folks. The early weeks of August is our vote. If we did it the later part of August I would have to resign my position on Wood Badge Staff at Philmont. That would be tough. If I was the last remaining snag, I'd do it. But I need to do it sooner than later. Again, let the celebration BEGIN with the trip.

Lead Dog said...

Another thing to think about is where and at what time and at what cost can we have the highest possibility of getting the majority, if not everybody, in one place. If the date is going to cut people out for whatever reason we need to stop and consider. Peace