15 January 2009

Bad Car-Ma Poem

this is a poem by me that i made about dallas' bad car-ma!!!!

The day did not begin well.

I got up late,
with no time to stretch.
I barely even ate,
And I made not one sketch.

And as I was driving
that very same day,
I thought I was at peace.
But it did not go that way.

Sirens blasted my eardrums
As he told me what was wrong.
My license plate was expired!
It hit me like a Chinese Gong!

A little after that incident
My car had seen the worst
For when I had got back into it
I was certain I was cursed!

My iPod and some books
From England, those books were!
Plus a cool bag from Malaysia
Were all stolen, I was sure.

Once that day was over
I was back in a normal mood.
I slept at Grandma & Grandpa's
But I needed to go home soon.

As I made my way down the mountain
To drop some things off
I was heading around the corner
I slammed my breaks to STOP!!!

But I didn't stop fast enough.

In other words . . . I collided with another car.

We both skidded for a long, long time.
Both frozen, petrified.
And we both got our cars to stop
(We really both were fine.)

Sure, we were fine!
But things didn't go right
for my poor, so-called reliable
Silver Bullet, now an upright fright!

My Silver Bullet is gone now.
I really want to go home, but how?

I'll hitch a ride with Grandma,
she's always done me well.
And when she hears what happened today
Her face will probably swell!!!!

© Annabelle Clawson; 2009

how do you like it???? i think its pretty funny. everyone has different opinions.

1 comment:

Mama said...

Annabelle!!! You are incredible! What a fun appraisal of the sad scenes in Dallas' life. You make it funny, so we laugh in spite of the 'Bac Car-Ma". You get a star on your forehead! xoxoxo G.G.