29 March 2007

Salt Lake City :: Night Rain

The other night, while listening to This American Life, I decided to have a look at SLC from my windows. The set up my tripod and set the manual settings on my camera. The night clouds and the rain/snow were drizzly... something romantic about those dark clouds. The second image is from the trees blossoming near the bakery. A friend of mine asks me every spring to shoot these blossoms. I finally decided to.


Oldest Girl said...

Beautiful. My friend and I actually took my camera off auto and did some manual settings. She has one like me just a bump up. We had so much fun. I love the blossoms.

Mama said...

Great photos, Dallas! I would like a print of the blossoms to add to my Temple Square collection. Your eastern view is magic whether morning or night, rain, snow, or sunset. . .pretty cool! xoxox Mama