16 March 2007


This is really cool. I am just hanging out today doing stinky laundry and organizing. I am in the mood to purge. I am trying to throw away lots of stuff so I have less. I love this idea of a Blog. I am so not in the groove about this. We got rain today. Other than that we have been having perfect weather. We are in Spring Break Mode here so there is too much traffic. All the old Foggies and baseball players and spring breakers are here.

Last night Shelby and Madelyn had a flag football game. It is an actual sport here. Shelby is varsity and Mady is JV. They love it and both play Safety. They both made and interceptions. Madelyn ran it in to the end zone. Shelby made good yardage. I told Craig he may not have boys but he has girls that play sports.


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Joni said...

way to go mady and shelby! it takes me back to my glory days playing flag football in high school. oddly enough i also played safety!!! as a senior we were playing the juniors for homecoming or something and i was rockin' it up so much that the announcers gave me the nickname of "brickwall"---yeah that's right...nothin' got past me!