16 March 2007

In The Beginning.

To our great Queen's pleasure (Mom), I am happy to help give and share the blogging experience. I think most of you will agree with me: I haven't done a ton of blogging nor am I uber-familiar with it. That being the case, we should never tire in our search for knowledge, right? Jesse recommended this blog, so I say it's the right one to use.

Mom was hoping this would help us know about swim meets and concerts; babies and blessings; comings and goings; and even... recipes.

So, let's start. I'll do a few and we'll see how and where this heads.

Don't be shy about learning it. Dive in. Share what you'd like. I'll start out this post...


7 of 9


Lead Dog said...

This is 1 of 9. I am not sure I understand the concept of blogging. Do we just post comments on other's comments? Or how do you post an statement or news?

Lead Dog said...
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7 of 9 said...

Looks like you are figuring it out. It's more or less a forum of images and text... so you can share w/ the rest of us. Glad you're on! This will help out... 7of9

Wendell said...

This is Lead Dog for Wendell . . . Looks like the queen needs some tutoring on the bloggosphere. You're the man 7 o' 9.