26 February 2009

L-Da Graham Tre

Landon sent us an interesting photo, reminding us of the conditions he is living in. He has been on the frontier, which is what the border is referred to in Mexico.

We really need to pray for Landon and James in Mexico. You may have caught some of the latest world news about over the border. The drug lords of Mexico are challenging the Mexican government. They are declaring an all out war in many states. Mexico cannot hire enough policemen, because they are either corrupt or dead. So, the national army is in the battle now. Recently some very violent occurrences have happened to create alot of fear. One of the more powerful opposers of the drug lords was found slaughtered last week, along with his family, including parents and children. 6 children were killed, and the drug lords don't just kill them, they mutilate the bodies.
Landon says his area has had several lockdowns in the past few weeks where the missionaries are asked to stay inside their flats.
I don't know if James has mentioned it, but Landon is up by the border, and things are very tense. Please pray for their safety. Their mom's and dad's are pretty worried. Then again, I guess you can't be safer than when you are in the service of the Lord.


Mama said...

Brad, thanks so much for the information!! Our concerns are deep and very scary. We of course have them in our prayers at every prayer and in the temple on the prayer rolls. We love our missionaries. We pray that our whole family is joined together in prayer. We should all fast for them on Sunday. May I request this family fast? We have been asked to fast for Ben Armstrong. I don't know if I have told you this yet, but I will forward the e-mail from Blair and Sparky about their concern for Ben. After another surgery he is still suffering intense headaches. The photo of Landon was so fun. We love him. We love James and Austin - - our missionaries. Bless them!! We love all of our great family and appreciate their faith and prayers for all. Thanks again. Love, Mom

Dallas Graham said...


Thanks so much for keeping us posted, especially regarding Landon's direct contact or connection. Hopefully the worrying is more *secured* knowing what he is doing and what he is about.

Love you. Love him.