24 June 2007

Happy Sabbath from your Mom

Hi everyone! Don't see too much on the the blog of late. I check it all the time. Come on - - just tell us what you are doing lately. Not much too exciting, except that Angie and Matt and kids are now Texans! Oh yes, Dallas in is St. Louis right now doing some photography for someone. Could you elaborate a little? Gina had a birthday. Yesterday was Dallas Hyde's birthday. Jeni and Tyler are living a terribly boring life lately. Went to London for a few days this week and saw Wicked and Mary Poppins. Teage is coming up on his birthday this week - - 26th, and then there is Austin on the 27th and Whitney on the 28th! Time for a big birthday party. Speaking of birthdays, Dad's is coming up as is Joni's. We will be gone to Island Park with our study group from July 4th to July 9th. I am proposing a birthday day party to celebrate Dad and Joni's birthdays on the evening of July 9. Please mark your calendars - - all you who live locally. I will give you more details in a day or two. Hey Brad, tell us what is going on with your life. .. I know it is of great interest to all. Maybe Carolyn will have to elaborate for you. Scott you ought to tell about your high adventure. Jesse could surely tell us a little about his new life 'in office' and all that. We could love to look at at few photos. Doug, where did you go last and where are you going next? Amy is still running competition for the hostess with the mostest. How is our newest great-grandson coming, Estee? We have lots of news and we need it posted. Hope to hear from each of you! We have never seen Stan or Brad or Wendee or Jodi or Matt or Craig or Jesse on our blog. . . . . . no dessert for you guys. Watching for a lot of bloggin! xoxoxo Mama

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Oldest Girl said...

Thanks mom! I agree. I check the blog a few times everyday hoping for more news to read. I will post some info later. Sounds like you know what is going on though. Wow lots of stuff. I love summer and we are trying to do nothing......I am reading a book about vampires and love it. Written by a BYU grad. Good clean not scary. Great day at church...constantly trying to get the kids to bed. Shelby wishing she had a brand new car like her friend Annie got 6 months before she turned 16...rough rough rough. Lov eyougu sy!