03 June 2007

Elder L. Tom Perry and US!

Well dang would you look at this! We were so blessed today to have lunch with L. Tom Perry!--yep it did happen! We feel so blessed. He presided at our Stake Conference. I was able to have a small part in making the lunch boxes cute and stuff ---I had a connection with the Stake President's wife who is my dearest friend and I also visit teach her--so shoot---she asked for my help! I jumped at the chance when i new there may be a small chance we could eat with him too---and YEAH she asked! It was truly so much fun! He sat there and talked with us for about 45min. and was just as normal as blueberry pie! I feel it was so fun just to get a rise out of him when he saw all the decor on his lunch box and the napkin ring holder---he looked right at me and just said, "WOW" --we all laughed--but hey he noticed!

On a more serious note--truly his message was profound--you can't help but love him and feel something tremendous when you are in his presence. The spirit truly manifests to you that this is one of the 12 apostles---wow-- and how we were so humbled to be with him--for as long as we could!


firekracker said...

You lucky duck Ang! What a unique opportunity and privilege! What did you serve in your little lunch boxes? What thought did you have printed on top of the box and on the water bottles?

By the way, your family looks so dang cute!


Jen said...

that is so cool!! i know what you mean...it is so wonderful to be with wonderful people...while i was at mom and dad's i had occasion to see several of the brethren...it is a sweet experience!!

myles even knew "dieter f. uctdorf" by name when he saw him at costco...it was so funny, but myles remembers that..he shook his hand, and elder uctdorf talked right to him...it was great...

love you...love you...love you!!!!

Lead Dog said...

You'll want to know that he is a descendant of Richard Ballantyne. Dang, you should have known that before you met him. You have the same blood running in your veins.

Lead genealogy dog.