29 June 2007

The Hydes Are Officially. . . TEXANS

I'd like to report that Angie and Matt are here and doing great from our point of view. They are not moved in yet, due to the painting and carpeting and all thay jazz, but they are officially here. After several days of being in the same clothers, I noticed Matt finally found a box with some nice clean clothes. So we spiffied up and took the gang our for dinner in honor of Whitney's birthday yesterday. It was a nice little Italian joint that we like. I believe it will become a very popular Graham/Hyde hang out. We are excited about establishing some fun traditions together. The kids are having a blast, as you might imagine. I don't think the little ones realize that this is a permanent move. When Matt said he was going to stay over at their new home last night, Emma said in all seriousness, "Will we ever see you again?" Ryan, when his dad suggested that they sleep over at their new house, asked "Why?", in a tone suggesting that he saw no point in it since they'd just have to come back in morning to play.

Fun times.

P.S. I don't know if you have been keeping up with the weather stories in North Texas. It has been raining and raining and raining. The DROUGHT IS OVER. This was worst drought in 50 years. But every lake is now exceeding normal capacity and the next 10 days are forecasted to be just like the last - mid 80s for highs, low 70s for the lows and rain. Big rain. Big thunderstorms. As a matter of fact, one of our member families that lives real close to us had their house hit by lightening. Good thing it was raining and put out a potential for fire. But is blew a 2 foot home in their roof!

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Oldest Girl said...

K I am just going to say I am so happy for you guys, even though deep down I am green with envy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the italian place burns to the ground. Just kidding. I love you so much and I wish I loved there too. I love summer thunderstorms. We just got about 3 inches today. Our pool is almost full. But I love the thunder and the lightning and then it rolls out and we have a wonderful sunset. That is summertime in the south! We just ate out at this wonderful little greek resturaunt down in tarpon springs. its just like a big fat greek wedding!! they know us all by name say OPA! it's really great, too bad you guys cant be part of our monthly traditions there. hm. oh well...i guess i'll see you guys around...have fun....bye... ( Shelby helped write this good comeback)