25 June 2007

Meet Me At The Fair

Encouraged by Mom's sentiments of the blog (and consequently, us 'bloggers'), I am answering the call. Yep, I really do like readying about the current happenings, be they splashes, dashes, or puddles. Let's keep it going!

I am in St Louis, as I type. Old roommate and good friend, Ben Lough, was kind enough to share some space. A client of mine was getting married and flew me out here to the ceremony. She and her husband were married on their lawn. But this was no ordinary lawn: this is something you see out of Architectural Design or Martha Stewart: the weddings where the grounds absolutely blow your mind. Gorgeous.

We have been to Elephant Rock Nat'l Park and been around the city a bit. The Arch was and is — still — the most impressive part. The form of the Arch is o simple: a three-sided structure that bends. But therein lies the power of "good" art. Simple structure against a natural backdrop of "sky". And its timeless... that Arch is going to be brilliant for as long as it stands. Oh, and its ginormous. Huge. Massive. You do feel small because you are small. Small is good, right?


Oldest Girl said...

No Way!!!! Those are so beautiful! Amazing! You could sell them! Call me dal! I want those pictures...all three of them! You are my idol!

Jen said...

those photos are WAY cool!!! you have such an amazing set of eyes!!! i love you!!!

RockStar said...

Dallas...seriously....I would love to have a print or two of these in my office...they are that good.