29 June 2007

We're Thank'n Our Lucky "Star" We're in TEXAS! ahhahh

Seriously---we can't believe it! I can't wait to download my pictures but dang our camera doesn't download to with Scott's camera and so we'll do it next week!

K--but wow! It seems as if we have been here for so long and just this morning i was like wow it has only been 1 week----and we have had carpet laid, hard wide plank--awesome laminate--chose paint, texture, had the whole house preped for paint and made some fun decisions--and who needs an interior decorator when i have Wendee! Serioulsy---we see alot on the same page so we have had so much fun! So i am more than willing to stay a few more days in boxes when there is so much freshness being done----AHHHHHHHHHHHH I am so excited to send you pictures!

Well that is the material side of moving in the emotional side has been so great--very peaceful! I really didn't think i could be more emotional drained (as tears well up still) as i was moving from our beautiful 11 year Virginia home! I kept asking myself "how do we do this?" and it just happens ---the tears that were shed and kindness shown towards our family was absolutely amazing--i was so humbled! I will often reflect on it often and know that this little camelot will always be there---the Lord blesses us so richly with such great opportunities---we are forever humbled with our Virgina home--dallas i am so glad you added that to the montage--you are so in tune!

I am so grateful more importantly for the blessing of moving next to my big brother Scott! and his beautiful fun family! Seeing him in church really was amazing--he stood up presiding as the Bishop and wow i was overcome with a sweet spirit of peace--kinda made me feel like a little girl again watching my Dad! It was so beautiful and another sweet confirmation from the spirit comforted me! and confirmed our decision and reminded me of the importance of acting when you have recieved an answer and you will always be blessed! The transition has been so smooth and it is because of the Grahams---the kids just swooped up in endless play and love! WOW

my cup is full!

I love you


Oldest Girl said...

Go Angie! I am so excited for you! You did it girl!


Mama said...

My dear Angie. . . I told you so! We are so excited for you. I know this has been a difficult transition, but the perks are so many and so great, we can't count them. How grateful we are for your big brother, Scott, Wendee and the kids for making your move so exciting. Giving you a place to live while all the things are getting ready in your house. That is a big deal. Hug and kiss Scott and Wendee for us! Also all the kids. This is a great blessing in your life and theirs. Go girl go! Just be sure to keep us all informed of all the fun you are having. I love the blog! Carry on! xoxoxo Mama

Jen said...

how fun...it will be such a wonderful thing to live near family....i long for that day!:) i love you...i love you!!!