15 June 2007

Glucklich (Happy)

Hi There - just a quick shot of Myles in front of a rather fantastic fountain at the Herrenchimsee, one of the many luxurious castles of King Ludwig II. Is this kid totally cool or what??? I just posted pictures of our trip to Vienna on our family site. Check it out: http://allenworld.spaces.live.com/

TTFN - Tyler


Oldest Girl said...

Wow Jen! What a fun trip to Viena! Myles is so cool. I love the cool fountain too. He will never believe that he got to do such great things as a four year old! Take lots of pictures. That is totally cool. I love you guys and we miss you!


Mama said...

Awesome! We were there! We know what you are talking about. Good Old King Ludwig! What a spread, right? I am so happy for you! xoxoxo mom

7of9 said...

Great shot of the boy. To be living there... I'm just jealous, that's all. I loved reading about the current situation. So good to be reminded that you really are over there, really eating sausages and slaws... Dxo