20 May 2012

Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day. Can you guess why?
Well there is one less than obvious reason for me at lease. However, this reason has become so important that it is a mandatory tradition now. The reason is bruschetta.
Thanks again dear hubby, it was superb!

Another wonderful part of mother's day are the little cards that the kids give me from their church classes. There are cute questions or fill-in-the-blanks that the teachers help them fill out. They are delightful little insights into how your child sees you, and I always get a good laugh! Here are Eva's responses:

Mom's Favorite Color is:  Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink
Mom's Favorite food is: Salad, Spinach, Soup
Mom's Favorite Game to Play: Hide n Seek
Mom is ___6 inches__ tall.
Mom's eyes are the color of: Brown
Mom's Favorite Vacation Spot is:  Hike
Mom's Favorite Thing To Do:  ride her fat bike
___Presents___ Make my mom happy.

We do eat a lot of salads. And since Pop-eye the Sailor Man is an idol of Graham's spinach is a highly desirable food. We have also done a fair bit of hiking during out recent trip up to Yellowstone. And I do have a very fat (seated) bike that the kids greatly admire!

Here are Graham's Responses!

My mom is __6__years old.
My mom weighs: 1/2 pounds
Her favorite color is: green and yellow
Her favorite food is: Pasta
My mom always says: I love you!
My mom cooks the best:  Soup with broccoli
My mom's job is:  Cleaning up
My mom laughs when:  I pinch her bum!
If my mom had time, she would love to:  Make me obey her.
My mom and I like to:  Read stories and play legos
My mom really loves:  ME and I love her.
I love my mom because: I want to sing songs to her.

It is so interesting to see how observant he is. My birthday is right after mothers day and he has been asking how old I am and how old I will be. Both he and Eva got it nearly right; I was 26;)
Other then that, I think Graham's nailed it right on! (well, maybe I little work to do in the weight department!)

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