12 August 2007

We made it....

Hello to all! We made it back to Germany. I guess you could say that all is well, but dang, we are SO TIRED!! We had a pretty good flight, once the 2 hour wait in the plane was over! There was something wrong with the hydrolics on the plane, so they had us go back into the gate, but then just sit and wait for 2 hours. That part of our journey can be summed up by saying....DEATH!! myles kept asking why everyone wasn't getting off..."we drove back to the airport! aren't we in germany yet?" by the time we did take off, myles had very heavy eyes and they only stayed open for a few minutes of being in the air. he slept for about 6 hours...i loved it. lucy was tossing and turning and trying to sleep, she ended up sleeping with her legs standing on the floor, just bend over the seat...and she was not to be moved! it looked so uncomfortable! anyway, we made it.

we were getting some stuff unloaded and then went down and sat on the couch-and we all fell asleep...we all hit "the wall". now we are experiencing that same feeling, of not being able to keep our eyes open...it's almost 9 pm here, so we hoping to stay up for another hour....but it is like torture!

we love you all so much. thank you for making our time together wonderful. and if you don't have your passports yet, i'd get them going soon, it takes a while to get them now days and when you see that screaming airline deal to europe, you will have to act fast!!!

i'm off...love you!!!!!


bubblyone said...

Sure love you guys and it was just dang awesome to spend time with you! Can't believe you had to sit on the plane for fetchn' 2 hours--AHHHHHHHHHH---but you made it!

I love you so much and miss you tons already!


Mama said...

Hooray! You are there! I felt bad about your stall on the plane. That is always so frustrating. It makes you use all the tricks to keep the kids happy before you even leave. Thanks so much for making the effort to come and be with us! We loved every minute of it and surely hated to see you leave. So take a good nap whenever you can. Love to each and everyone of you! Mom

RockStar said...


I need Tylers email...can you send it to me?