21 August 2007

Welcoming the Newest...

hi everyone. it has been a while since i have been on here needless to say, but it though y'all'd (yeah that's right, that's Texan for "you each would") want to hear it all.

first of all, i am my mother's daughter and was 11 days over. we were waiting for my cervix to "ripen" a they put it and so finally i was scheduled for induction on Tuesday morning, July 31st. all was going well, i got dilated to a 5 and then asked for the epidural. after 8 hours of good labor they were getting worried because his heart rate was dipping way low during the contractions (down in the 50's when they want to keep the baseline around 120). his little heart was just getting tired and it taking a long time to come back up. they had me on oxygen, lying only on my left side, and so dang numb it hurt. about 7pm, a whole bunch of nurses whisked in saying that the doctor decided to do a c-section. i was already in tears being so worried about the baby, but when i heard this i absolutely lost it, and cried through the whole procedure. they had him out in less then 10 mins from the time they told me, but the doctor nicked his little cheek, just along his right cheekbone. his dad's feet for sure though!

the new grandparents!!

we sure love him. he has just been delightful. he doesn't cry much, just grunts. content to be held. in the sunlight, his hair has a dark coppery tint, so who knows. cross all your fingers and toes! Graham Michael Ragsdale
8 pounds 8 ounces
20 inches
31 July 07


RockStar said...

Estee and Lee,

Wow, what a good looking boy....you do good work. We are all excited for your new adventures as parents...it can be a wild ride.


firekracker said...

So sweet! You make me baby hungry. I think Graham looks like his daddy. Congratulations!! Remember Estee I'm just up the hill if you ever need anything.

Love, Carolyn

Dallas Graham said...

I love the nugget!!! Can I come and visit next wk?! Pleeeease?!

Mama said...

It is OK to be proud!!!! This is the kind of pride that you can boast about. And you have plenty to boast about. He is absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!! I vote that he favors the looks of his Daddy. What a beautiful baby! We love him and loved holding and cuddling him. Yes, we are proud of you Estee and Lee. Thanks for making us Great Grandparents! We will take that title anytime. Welcome to our dearest little Graham Michael Ragsdale. What a handsome name for a handsome boy! xoxoxo GGG