20 August 2007

Just wanted to let you know... I married the greatest guy in the world! 22 years ago today. oooo I love Him!!! What a great life I've had and all of you have added so much to my happiness. Thank you. I love you all and had so much fun with you this summer. We are sorry we didn't get to be with you the whole time. We've had so much going on. A lot of changes, a lot of stress. The kids all started school today, including Landon down at Snow College. We helped move him in on Saturday. What fun he's going to have. Already girls were stopping by to see the new cute guy. The kids miss him like crazy, especially Abby. She is very sad and lonely. On Sunday morning I asked Sunee to help Dallan put his shoes on and he said, "But that's what Landon's suppose to do!" I don't think the little ones realize he's going to be gone for a while. Thanks Mom and Dad for the visit and treats for Landon. He wrote in his E-mail this morning, "I think I better keep an eye on my food from Grandma, my two roommates, who are football players, were checking them out!"
Another big change...I just took the crib down. Very, very sad day.


Oldest Girl said...

Oh what a summer. Mom called the other night and we talked about all the doors that were opened and closed this summer. What a great thing. I get those girls are checking out Landon! What a guy! I feel for Abby. I think Mady will be singing that song next year. We start tomorrow! I hardly know what to do at night at 9:30 when the kids are in bed.......zzzzzz


Dallas Graham said...

Carolyn, I was driving through Cottonwood yesterday and thought of you. I think we all agree that those college days are filled w/ such gold - such greatness. I'm thrilled Landon is moving ahead. ! xox

Mama said...

We are all most grateful that Brad had what it took to score with you Carolyn. We have all loved those 22 years you have been ours! Like I said, a big door slams shut, but what is on the other side is even better. Believe me it is true! This was a big year for several of the clan, but it is all good. You can't stop the clock. Like Doug says, " You know. . . ? I'm glad. . . I am getting tired!" Somehow the fall change with school starting up again is kind of a relief - - getting back into a routine and schedule. Summer can nearly wear you down. Life is good and we are most blessed!!! We love you! Thanks again for saying yes to Brad. . . xoxo oMom