28 August 2007

of little graham

I hope nobody minds if i just post a whole of pics on here. he is just delightful! His First Bath, of course given by the proud new grandmother!

mommy's sassy new hair cut calls for kisses...daddy gets jealous.

Three weeks old
98th percentile for height
Grown 3.5 inches in 3 weeks


we just love him. eat him.


Jen said...

oh, he is so cute!! love him to pieces for me!! xoxoxoxo

Oldest Girl said...

mmmmm he makes me want to hold him and kiss him! I can't believe you got him to stand. I love your hair estee! You look just like your mom in that pic of the two of you. You look like you have it all down. I hope you are loving motherhood! It is the best!

Mama said...

Hooray!!! Photos of our newest! Is he cute enough? I just love him!! Oh, so cute. and cute Mommy too. Tons of love from us to you guys. Kiss him a gazillion time for G.G.G.