20 August 2007

We Have Landed!

I feel quite silly posting after Dallas's great post for Stan--AHH speachless--

But the Hyde Home has a new phone number and here is our updated info--though we do miss our Briarwood Drive--here is our "new drive"

1025 Stinson Road
Lucas, TX 75002


Our blog sight: mattandangiehydefamily.blogspot.com

We are actually starting to function I feel--though i am still enjoying finding a place for every little thing--don't we love to organize!


Oldest Girl said...

Ang I am so glad you are starting to get settled. I know you will love Texas! I hope you are feeling good. That little one will be here soon. I was just asking mom yesturday if she had your address and phone and stuff. We start school tomorrow and I hope it goes off without a hitch! Well we love you Hydes! I want to go to your blog!


Mama said...

Hooray for Hydes!!!!! You even have a phone number that works in your house! That is pretty awesome. Sound like you are doing good and that makes me so happy. Can hardly wait to see your new home and environment. We will check your blog. How do I do it? xoxoxo Mom

RockStar said...


Looks like your having fun....I actually hate organizing....so I am glad someone likes it.