07 August 2007

Checking In...

Hey folks. Just thought I would say hi. I was checking the Blog and found that no one has posted since I did last.....what does that mean....

Abby and Landon just finished and incredible day with some friends in hiking Timp to the top. Started at 6AM and finished at about 7PM. Amazing. they collapsed when they got home. Kelsy Nelson went with them and had to turn back after 1 mile. She couldn't make it. Landon and Blake ended up carrying another one of their freinds down the mountain to her father. She had forgotten her inhaler and gotten really sick from the altitude.

It was probably a good thing you went to Lagoon Madey. Coming from sea level and climbing to 12,000 feet would not have been good. They would have been hauling you down too.

We love you all. I am up to my neck in the transition from my office to the new digs. But all is well.

Love to all.

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Mama said...

Brad????? Would this be you on the blog? Yippee! So glad to see your comments. I haven't even looked at my computer for quite a while, so I haven't seen any of the recent comments. Love to know you are with us! Mom