23 July 2007

Finally....I am here

I know you have all wondered why I have been absent. My FireKracker has been keeping me up to date, but I thought I had better weigh in (shut up Doug).

Lets just say I can hardly wait until any other day than today. I feel like I am in the Nexxus of the universe. We have alot going on at our house, and it isn't slowing down. After I blew my back out last Saturday and started evacuating in a quart jar since I couldn't make it to the bathroom, I wondered if it was the right timing. Just when my back started responding to therapy, Carolyn found out that she may have a problem with her thyroid. During a routine checkup, it was determined that her thyroid was enlarged and the doc ordered an immediate ultrasound of it. We got the call this morning. She has numerous nodules showing up, and one is the size of a marble. It is somewhat alarming, but thyroids are notorious for nodules-so "they" say. Anyway, she is supposed to get them biopsied next to see if we get to deal with anything else. This is while we are applying for new medical insurance anticipating my departure from my employer, and starting my own firm.

I have been working on my official resignation, but no one is showing up at the office to resign from. This is not funny. I am hoping to let they guys in on it this week before we see you. Wish me luck.

Gotta run. Wendee and the gang are showing up to burn up some time waiting for a grandbaby. Scott, we are hiding all of our food from Garrett except 2 week old hamburgers from McDonalds.


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Oldest Girl said...

Brad! It is so great to have you here! I hope you sleep well tonight and that Carolyn is ok. We will keep you in our prayers. When it rains it pours. We are so excited to see you and your family. Good Luck this week. We will be thinking and praying for you! I love you!.